Midfoot Pain

Plantar fibroma

Plantar fibroma is a benign fibrous tissue disorder resulting in the formation of nodules along the plantar fascia. These nodules can impede the function of the plantar fascia and become painful with walking and activity. As they rarely require surgery we are able to provide various treatments to take pressure of these nules and reduce the painful inflammation that can exacerbate this condition.


Ganglions are round or complex sacs of jelly like fluid that originate from joints or tendon sheaths. These benign cysts can become painful and they can invade spaces compressing nerves and blood vessels. There are a number of regions within a foot that these cysts can form. Treatment usually consists of addressing the underlying causes or drainage with administration of corticosteroid medication. For larger complex ganglions a referral to a podiatric surgeon may be required.

Midfoot arthritis

The midfoot is a complex group of joints formed by the metatarsals and cuneiforms and cuboid bones. Poor function or injury can accelerate arthritic damage leading to stiffness, inflammation and formation of small osteophytic bone spurs that can irritate tendons and nerves. Patients often have difficulty finding comfortable shoes that don’t compress the area. Our podiatrists can offer various options to reduce pressure in this area and reduce the inflammation caused.

Lisfranc Injuries

Lisfranc injuries occur when damage to the midfoot joints occur. This can be due to damage to the joint,fracture or ligaments strains.
Failure to accurately diagnose, manage and treat this condition can lead to significant pain and deformity in later years. Our podiatrists are experienced in fracture management and rehabilitation protocols to ensure this conditions is managed correctly.


Tendons are connective tissue that attach muscle to bone. In instances where the tendon becomes damaged or is unable to handle overuse they may become thickened, inflamed and unable to function properly. The foot has many tendons that can be affected by this condition and often require a number of physical and biomechanics treatments to settle this condition

Flat feet

Whilst some people can have flat feet and remain symptom free there are times when the flattening of the foot structure can lead to damage within the foot, ankle and lower leg. Our clinic has a long history of providing effective orthotic solutions to help ease symptoms associated with flat feet.